Our Asian lunch menu offers a variety of flavours. Vegetarians get their money's worth as well as meat lovers. Put together your own lunch to suit your mood and choose from our lunch menu.

Our restaurant also offers enough space for a business lunch. Or enjoy our delicacies from the kitchen in a cosy atmosphere in our private rooms.


In China, food has a very important social significance. It is common to attend business dinners during the deal-making process.

Usually the food is served in small communal plates and bowls, which are shared. This provides the opportunity to everyone to taste all dishes.

At Jiu Ding we also celebrate this special kind of serving. We believe it contributes to an unforgettable and authentic atmosphere.


Weddings, birthdays, baptisms, retirement, graduations, farewell parties or company parties: a party should be a very special experience.

In our parlour with large terrace we entertain you and your guests on a grand scale.

Discuss your plans with us. We will be happy to assist you in the process of planning.


Local suppliers

Wherever possible, we process local products from nearby suppliers. Our vegetables is delivered directly from the farm. We take responsibility seriously and reduce transport distances and emissions.


In harmony with nature, we choose ingredients free of flavour enhancers and we avoid meat tenderisers or the use of cornstarch.

10% discount

Join us and together we will reduce waste. Bring your own crockery (e.g. Tupperware) and we offer you a 10% discount on all take-away meals.