Our Philosophy

Jiu Ding is a China restaurant unlike others! We walk the talk in terms of authenticity and sustainability. We prepare natural and preferably local ingredients for our dishes. The Chinese kitchen has traditions and recipes have been around for generations. We enjoy to better such historic recipes as well as we like variation. To share this variation in taste with you is our utmost joy of.

We also have close partnerships with regional suppliers and partners. Due to our reliable relationships we are able to include the ultimate freshness to our dishes.

Last but not least, an authentic meal must be accompanied by the right atmosphere. Not only our furniture speaks Chinese, but also our table culture contributes to the said authenticity. At our round tables we serve all dishes at the same time according to Chinese custom. Thus all guests at the table have easy access to the different delicacies.

Let us spoil you and we will take you to China.


Sustainability is an important pillar in our concept. We do our utmost to save resources and waste. That's why sustainability for us starts with our purchases. We love it seasonally and regionally.

We have implemented measures to reduce waste. Therefore, we grant a 10% discount to customers who bring their own crockery.


For us sustainability is not just a catchy slogan for marketing purposes. We truely believe in it and are already working sustainably in many areas. This way our environment benefits and ultimately all of us. For example by calculating the consumption of goods and avoiding incorrect storage of food, we reduce waste and thus unnecessary costs.


When purchasing we prefer goods in recycled packaging or use reusable containers. We use digital technologies to reduce our "paper output". Physical media such as business cards, menus or vouchers are printed on recycled paper and on both sides.

We also carefully separate our waste and bring all reusable waste materials to the recycling collection point.

The Chefs

Our dream team in the kitchen is ready to treat you with their creations full of local purity. With great discipline to focus on small and tedious routines, both chefs strive to create extravagant dishes for you.

Zhedong Chen

Co-Owner and believer in basic ingredients with many years of experience as a chef. Much like an artist, he notes that each of his creations has to fulfil stringent criteria before it leaves the kitchen. All creations must be surprising, look gorgeous and elegant.

Haihua Zhang

Solid co-owner with the attitude to honor all the small routines. He speaks with his hands and enjoys to amaze his guests with his creations. His enthusiasm and animating humour is essential for the collective in the kitchen.


Local products

In order to reduce our emission consumption, we focus on local products with a short distance of transport. Whenever possible we order from local suppliers. This not only is the case for our vegetables. For all ingredients we attempt to purchase from Swiss sources. Not least thanks to fresh and local ingredients our dishes taste so delicious.

Sustainable resources

Fish and shripms are all MSC certified or are sourced from sustainable farming suppliers.
MSC fisheries deliver benefits to the marine environment. Benefits include increased stocks, reduced bycatch and expansion of environmentally protected areas. Those fisheries maintain an above average level of healthy stock.

Environmentally friendly

Even outside the kitchen we work in harmony with nature. Our detergents and cleaning agents are as ecologically compatible as possible.
Environmentally friendly cleaning products can be identified by multiple product lables (e.g. Blauer Engel, oecoplan, EU-Ecolabel).